Anchored with Hope,

Rescued from the Raging waters...

Inspired by a fellow God chaser

Published by Bammy under on 4:45 PM

This book helped spark that FIRE in my spirit once again.
I was out with my mom one Sunday afternoon and we went to donate some clothes to this store, and then we went to where all the books are and I found this..
It's called the "The God chasers" by Tommy Tenney.

I have read some of his other books and it has been a great tool to help me in my own spiritual walk with the Lord.
My life here in America is another page in the book.
I just got here a few months ago and everything is new to me,
I'm far from my church, my close friends, most of my dad's family and the kind of life that I used to live, when I was still in the Philippines.

One thing is certain to me, that God is not far and He is always with me wherever I may be, no matter how tough life can be, I know that He is just right there for me.

I feel like a missionary traveling from another country,
God gave me a church here and people I can grow with in faith,
My God is my sufficiency, I never lack a single thing, He provided all my needs and Blessed me with so much more.
this Book, this piece of literature I now have in my hands, is God's constant reminder that I should not STOP chasing after HIM(being a God chaser).
That's a title I hold until the day that He takes me home to be with HIM in paradise.

As I read through the pages, The fire in my heart..
the stirring in my spirit.. the divine desire, a call for Holy desperation.
A deep longing for more of God that will surpass anything of the ordinary that will allow me to see through the heavenly realms, the realms of glory once more.

I have been longing. A passive and a complacent lifestyle is BORING, it takes away your joy and takes away the Life deep within you,Your strength,your vigor and your energy- the Hot Pursuit of Your ONE DESIRE.(Jesus Christ).

Here's a prayer that will shake hearts;

Father, I pray that a spirit of spiritual violence will grip our hearts,
that You will turn us into warriors of worship.
I pray that we will not stop until we break through the heavens,
until there's a crack in the heavenlies, until there is an open heaven.
Our cities and nation need YOU Lord. We need YOU.
We're tired of digging through the carpet for crumbs.
Send us Your hot Bread from Heaven, send us the manna of Your presence.
-Tommy Tenney-
The Bible says of the Kingdom of Heaven,
"the violent take it by force" (Matt.11:12)