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Casting Crowns-talks about The Altar and the Door:)

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What is the distance between Sunday and Monday mornings?

The answer, for Casting Crowns’ Mark Hall, became painfully clear during an afternoon of reading through the MySpace pages of the kids in his youth group. Prompted to go there by a student, Mark’s heart sank as he read their messages to the world, truths about themselves that didn’t gel with the truth they embraced at church.

It was in that place of disheartened discovery where The Altar and The Door—the third studio project from GRAMMY-winning band Casting Crowns—began to unfold.

“When we’re at the altar, everything makes sense,” Hall says. “We know what we’re supposed to do. We know how we’re supposed to live. Everything’s black and white. But somewhere between the altar and the door, when we leave and go out into our lives, it all leaks out, and everything gets gray again. The Christian life is the journey between the altar and door, trying to get the things you’ve got in your head, into your hands, feet, into your life. The Altar and The Door is all about the journey. The realization on the journey, the struggles and the victory of seeing it as possible.”

Co-produced once again by Mark Miller (Sawyer Brown), The Altar and The Door taps into the same ‘real life, real faith’ vein as the Casting Crowns’ 2004 debut and 2006’s Lifesong. The same ‘all out on the table’ honesty, achingly real lyrical depth and unforgettable melodies that have captivated audiences around the world. Only this time, Casting Crowns— the fastest selling, platinum-reaching Christian artist in history—has never been more progressive musically. And lyrically, Mark Hall has never been more intentional.

“Once we got into the recording,” Hall says, “I knew we were in for something different, a more progressive approach to the music. These songs sounded different in my head; they’ve been a big challenge for us as a band. And the music definitely sets the tone for the whole project, but for me, it always comes back to the message. I always think lyrics first.”

The biblical footing for The Altar and The Door can be traced back to Psalm 1, Hall says.

“Blessed is the man who does not walk in the counsel of the wicked or stand in the way of sinners or sit in the seat of mockers. But his delight is in the law of the Lord, and on this law he meditates day and night….”

“The whole album funnels from this passage,” Hall says. “Imagine the man in this verse totally breaking down, but just a little at a time. First he’s walking, then standing, and eventually sitting, just slowly shutting down. He doesn’t crash suddenly—there’s no sudden crash in the Christian life. The ‘crash’ is just the fruit of a slow fade.”

He continues, “If we find ourselves ‘walking’ in the counsel of the wicked, it’s often supported by the things we’re listening to, the things we’re taking in, the things we’re watching and clicking on. Sooner or later, what we choose to put into our lives affects us and starts coming out of our lives. Then we’re not ‘walking’ anymore. Instead we become a walking contradiction. The way we live confuses the people around us, and that, to me, is how we find ourselves ‘standing’ in the way of sinners. If something doesn’t change and we don’t make a turn around, we’re eventually ‘sitting’ in the seat of the scoffers. We find ourselves in the back row of the church watching everybody with their hands in the air, and thinking, ‘Surely they don’t have anything I don’t have,’ when in fact they do. And we don’t even realize it, because the fade is so gradual.”

The songs of The Altar and The Door strike a bold chord that the Christian life can and should be so much more than that. “When we have an ongoing, developing relationship with Jesus, life is not about me, my wants and my needs,” Hall says. “It’s about being the hands and feet of Jesus in other people’s lives.”

“Slow Fade,” a surprise sonic feast (don’t miss the flute!)—marks the regression that happens when Christians aren’t living intentionally. “People don’t crumble in a day. You don’t fall, you fade,” Hall explains. “In your mind, there’s that pride that says ‘I’d never do that’… but you don’t just do it, it’s a slow, series of compromises, little ones that go there eventually, until you’re sitting in a place you’d never go, doing something you’d’ never do… and yet the way you’re living totally makes sense to you somehow because you’re so numb.”

“I know you’ve cast my sin as far as the east is from the west

And I stand before you now as though I’ve never sinned…”

In “East To West,” Hall tackles the all-too-familiar skepticism with which we humans embrace forgiveness. “We have a hard time with the concept of forgiveness,” he says. “We cut ourselves and it heals, but the scar remains. Sometimes we think God treats sin like we would if we were God, and that he handles forgiveness like we would. We know he forgives, but we can’t accept that God chooses to forget and relinquishes his right to avenge.”

And “Somewhere in the Middle,” the lyric that poured out after Hall’s disheartening afternoon on MySpace, reveals the acclaimed songwriter’s lament. “Seeing the antithesis of what was being proclaimed at church and what was really going on with my kids didn’t make me angry or frustrated. It just made me hurt for them and how stuck out there they feel and how they don’t know what else to do but to try to fit in.”

Somewhere between contented peace and always wanting more,
that line between the altar and the door…

In all honesty, he says, “It wasn’t just about them. The end result in that lyric is my own lament that I could have a greater friendship with God, but I don’t…. It’s the frustration of my own life. Why in the world do I have to force myself to spend time with God. If I had an everyday friendship with Jesus, I’d be a better encourager, I’d be a better forgiver, and I wouldn’t be as selfish as I am. …God has blessed me with amazing self-awareness, a firm grasp of the obvious, but I don’t always ‘get’ it.”

It’s this kind of honest intentionality that is the core of The Altar and The Door, Casting Crowns’ most daring project to date. A collection of songs that dare to mark the distance between Sunday and Monday mornings, between the content of our heads, the content of our hearts and the disconnect between in between.


bring the rain!

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by: Mercyme

I can count a million times
People asking me how I
Can praise You with all that I've gone through
The question just amazes me
Can circumstances possibly
Change who I forever am in You
Maybe since my life was changed
Long before these rainy days
It's never really ever crossed my mind
To turn my back on you, oh Lord
My only shelter from the storm
But instead I draw closer through these times
So I pray

Bring me joy, bring me peace
Bring the chance to be free
Bring me anything that brings You glory
And I know there'll be days
When this life brings me pain
But if that's what it takes to praise You
Jesus, bring the rain

I am Yours regardless of
The dark clouds that may loom above
Because You are much greater than my pain
You who made a way for me
By suffering Your destiny
So tell me what's a little rain
So I pray

Holy, holy, holy
Is the Lord God Almighty

*This song is a strong testimony of How God uses sufferings and trials that we face or we are just about to face in this life to bring HIM Glory and to reveal our God-given destiny :)
be STILL and know that HE is God,

"awakening of the sleeping warrior"

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tOday, I wasn't expecting a MESSAGE that was thrown directly at me..
sounds extreme?? not really, God is just full of GREAT surprises that will rock your world! you just couldn't expect less.

The Lord spoke to me again about the Life of Job and his sufferings and how I see it in a very personal view, that this life is often full of suffering and hardships.
Never ending pain and grief. Trouble and tragedy.
But, it dawned on me as the preacher spoke that we may never exceed what Job had to suffer. It rekindled a message of hope in my spirit.

Even if life is too tough and trials seems endless to me, Job has been an inspiration. I will go on worshipping and thanking the Lord more even if I have to go through the storm.
We may never understand, if we don't allow God to speak to us in HIS own unique way.
If we complain all the time that it's just too hard and we drift away, not letting God reveal to us the purpose of what we're going through.
We are not able to gain that much wisdom and our maturity will not reach the level that God desires for us to be in.
We need to find that quiet place inside of us that will bridge a divine connection between us and our God.
That is based on the foundation of Christ,which established our RELATIONSHIP with HIM.

The thing is that God gave me an affirmation that, the reason for my troubles is to awaken a sleeping warrior inside of me, that through worship and prayer I can stand strong against life's battles.
In hardship I develop strength and the will to endure by the grace available to me through my relationship with Christ.
HIS Word is full of promises that will reach its fulfillment. It will come to pass.
I see that Iam more of an overcommer than a loser.
Jesus won that victory for me on Calvary and nothing can ever change that.
Nothing can change my status and nothing can take away my identity.
That's who God called me to be and that is who Iam.

But still I know that tougher times are comming, more testings and trials will still be there, I will still have to go through the storm, I will still have to pass through the valley of the shadow of death but I will fear no evil because HE is with me, and HE will see me through(Ps.23).

God bless everyone, be refreshed, be encouraged. :)
Glory to HIM!

No greater Love than this..

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When I look up to Jesus and what He's done for me, I could always conclude that there is no greater love that what HE offered me on the cross.
I have known Him as a Father, my best friend, my Redeemer and Savior, my Defender and my Deliverer, the Lover of my soul.
Jesus lived His life on earth compelled by Love to everyone He ministers to,
This kept HIM steadfast to endure every hardship, and difficulty He knew He will be facing.

I was searching for love at some point in my life and that LOVE captured me, giving me access to the beauty of HIS heart and His desires for those He loves.
I wonder how He managed to still love those who persecuted HIM and those who mocked Him even at His death.

In our world today, we have so much that we tend to neglect the importance of it all. We can not surpass that which HE endured and that undeserved GRACE and a free gift of salvation for all who will believe.

We need to know the heart of God, or we will never make it through.
In the long run, we will just get bored and exhausted and then we give up.
Our involvement in God's ministry is fueled by the oil of His Holy Spirit,
we need to focus more on the vision that the Lord is giving His Church.
He is the Captain of the ship and we take orders from HIm and HIM alone.

We need to complete that great Comission He has given us.
He died for a greater cause and that is for the salvation of many.
So that we can spend eternity with HIM.


"take you back!"

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Take you back
by:Jeremy Camp

The reason why I stand
The answer lies in you
You hung to make me strong
Tho my praise was few
When I fall I bring your name down

But I have found in you
A heart that bleeds
Forgiveness replacing all these thoughts of painful memories
And I know your response will always be

I'll take you back always
Even when your fight is over now
I'll take you back
Even when the pain is coming through
I'll take you back

You satisfy this cry of what I'm
looking for And I'll take all I can
and lay it down before
The throne of endless grace now
that radiates what's true
I'm in the only place that erases
all these faults that have overtaken me and
I know that your response will always be


I can only speak with a graceful heart
As I'm pierced by this gift of your love
I will always bring an offering
I can never thank you enough

You take me back always
Even when my fight is over now
You take me back
Even when the pain is coming through
You take me back

*this song tells me alot of things
I hope that as you listen to it, it will minister to your spirit too.
I find it refreshing and I was encouraged to move on despite the trials I face,
even if I fall down at times, the Lord will always reach out to me and bring me back up so that I can keep moving forward.
Going against the flow is hard especially when the current is strong enough for you to resist.
But If we are anchored in His living Truth we have nothing to lose.
Our God reigns!! We press on!

Miracle of life

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this video is indeed inspiring.
Please watch it and see for yourself, indeed the Lord is faithful and this is one great miracle in every home, in every family and every mother's joy..
He knows us even before we were formed in our mother's womb.
We are created for a purpose.
May this be a blessing and an inspiration!

"too much suffering??"

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As we go back to the old testament times, and look at the life of a man who endured so much suffering, grief, trauma, name all the unpleasant events that could possibly happen in one's life.
We at times, have the tendency to blame God for all this catastrophies that we had or we are just about to experience, or presently experiencing in our lives.
That could be justified as a normal reaction of a peron going through so much pain and hardship that others might think of it this way;"it's just too much!" ,or "it exceeds all the limits and possibilities!". Wherein, we conclude that it is desperately hopeless--
If that's an appropriate term to be used to be able to describe the intensity of it.

Job was regarded as the most righteous man in the history of the old testament before the time of Abraham. He was a wealthy man and has everything he could ever need or want.He has a good family and he is a man full of worship and gratitude which shows his extravagant love for the Lord his God.

The Lord was so delighted with Job and satan pleaded to test Job, with the words "he will blame you Lord and turn away from you when you take everything he has, everything precious to him,including his family".
But if I could just put it in my own version, the Lord's heart was full of confidence even when that time of great testing would come in Job's life,
I believe that the Lord knew Job more than anyone else does and He loved him so much and was delighted in his son's life.

Even when everything was stripped off from him, death came upon his sons and the rest of his properties and livestock were all gone, Job remained steadfast and still full of worship in the midst of his sufferings. He kept a constant communion with the Lord his God, drawing strength from Him and Him alone.
Even when Job was deserted by all his friends and he has no one else left to be there for him, he was never without hope. He knew his GOD well. he knows that HE is greater than all the things he has to go through. He worshiped HIM even more.

Job is a HISTORYMAKER of his time! His example and the legacy of faith was passed on to the succeeding generations.

It still doesn't end there, GOD doubled what was taken away from Job and his life was never the same again. God blessed him so much, that even his storehouses could not contain such abundant blessing. It was poured out from heaven down to earth,it was overflowing. (Job 42:10-15).

Let me close this with a verse;
"While he was still talking, another messenger arrived and said, "your children were having a party at the home of the oldest brother when a tornado swept in off the desert and struck the house. It collapsed on the young people and they died,Im the only one to get out alive and tell you what happened".
Job got to his feet, ripped his robe, shaved his head, then fell to the ground and worshipped:

Naked I came from my mother's womb, Naked I'll return to the womb of the earth,
God gives, God takes.
God's Name be ever blessed!
Not once through all this did Job sin, not once did he blame God."

Job1:18-22 (the MESSAGE, remix)

"touch of an angel"

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It has been 3months now since a Loving and a caring man went to be with the Lord in a place where there are streets of gold and joyous singing, a place of happiness and a place where there is no sickness,no sorrow, no suffering.

I came here on the month of June and was confronted with such trauma and sadness to see my granfather confined to the ICU. It seems that his condition becomes unbearable as the days go by. I looked at him and remembered the last words he uttered. He wanted to take me around the place and show me the beautiful sceneries, but since he was stuck on his hospital bed,he couldnt do that,and in my mind I thought “dnt worry dad,you’ll get better soon” (with a spark of hope in my spirit).

I have heard how much he loved the Lord and how that changed his life. I was relieved and comforted knowing that took place earlier and he was enjoying this life changing journey. The Lord has been so faithful indeed.

We had dreams of him getting ready to leave in a beautiful outfit, and a smile on his face, shining upon his countenance. It was exceeding joy, mirrored in the way he looked.

Today, I was fast asleep and was suddenly awakened by a gentle touch, and so much comfort and peace inside of me, as if someone was right beside me. It was calm and serene in the room, I realized,… its just me.

But in the most difficult and trying times that my family has been through God has been sending angels, to remind us and comfort us of the grief we have to bear. he reminds us that He is there and that HE has taken His beloved home to be with HIM for all eternity. He has given us the privilege to still see my grandpa in our dreams and at times wonderful memories of him refreshed in our thoughts.

we may have to go through certain difficulties in life, but remember that we have a God who cares. And I was glad to be touched by an angel today, a reminder that Im never alone.

Mirrored in Perfection

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When I look at the mirror, what I usually see is my reflection.
that's what we normally see.
But when we look at it closely and deeply, we begin to notice things that bothers us regarding our image, we see the flaws, we go back again and try our very best to fix it and make it look better. But sometimes its just being masked and covered up giving it a temporary fix.

Human as we are, we are subject to the flaws of our very own nature.
Therefore, we are imperfect. But yes, from the begining of time our Creator God with all care and love formed us into His very own image and likeness.
He took delight in His creation of man.(that was on the book of Genesis).
Man was perfect, but that was before the tragedy in the Garden of Eden that ended that perfection and destroyed the beauty of such a flawless creation.
A masterpiece was shattered like a broken glass.And the heart of the Maker was broken.Sin has ruined his beautiful work of art, His beloved.

But you see,HE is so loving that He sent His one and only Son to RESTORE that beauty
of a fallen nature. But it cost HIM His life for that redemption.
He called us His Bride, that we are to be without spot or wrinkle(Rev.22)

Now, when He looks at us He doesnt see sin anymore but the beauty of JEsus,
that when we look at the Mirror of our lives its not ourselves that we see but the One who gave us back our true Identity.
Do not let the world define who you are, Let the ONe who Created you, who knew you even before you were formed in your mother's womb.
He has set you apart for a very special purpose far beyond you can think of.

Apple Pie and Tears for Breakfast

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Trials and the challenges of life, as the bible says is like gold going thru the fire to be refined, to be made stronger, and to remove its flaws and reveal its brilliance.

Just this mOrning, when i got out of bed, I was reflecting on what I’ve been through and what Im going through in life. It brought tears in my eyes, realizing that all those events and circumstances weren’t easy.

Those things could even create hatred,bitterness,anger, and grief in my heart. but the Lord’s grace and his faithfulness shine like the stars in the darkest night. That’s all i can see as I look back on the things that took place in my life.

There are still times that my wounds, deep enough that I can still feel the scars and the memory of the pain that goes with it. There are new wounds too, still trying to heal, I know its a process. And I trust HIM,my Healer.

Whenever I think back and i see the scars and remember the pain, and whenever the fear of facing another battle creeps in again, HE reminded me that I’am like a precious jewel, like gold refined by fire revealing its brilliance and removing the flaws, and HE also reminded me of His scars and how HE survived all the insults and all those who mocked HIM, and those who beat Him up causing so much trauma and bleeding to HIS physical body. I could not help but cry and as the tears flowed, they are slowly being replaced by the peace and the very comfort of God’s Love and His presence.

Above all else, as I go through the daily battles of life.. And when my burdens seem too much to bear, HE reminded me of how HE endured and how HE carried HIS cross for my sake and for the world’s salvation. The living Truth and all those examples are for His disciples to ponder upon and to follow. We are given a task and we have a call while we are still on this earth, in preparation for His second comming.

Now, I realized that,I had a very good breakfast today, Apple pie with tears. Good enough. I was satisfied physically, emotionally,mentally and strengthened spiritually ready to face another battle, for I know that my God is far greater and He is always on my side

*for its not by our might,nor by our power but by His Spirit

I Woke Up "Changed"

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One day.. I opened my eyes and to my surprise I was seeing things like i was a newborn baby who just opened her eyes to the world for the first time.

Things were so different, so new.. It took some time for me to get used to this new life. All the hatred of the past was gone, without any memory of the dark and hurtful moments that happened in my life.

It was wonderful.. that’s just how I describe my journey in living a changed life, God gave me a second chance(though I know its more than just a second chance) He made me start my life fresh, to make things right.

We’ll never know when this life will end. I know this will be a short exsistence, that’s why we should live everyday as if its our last day here on earth, let’s make every second count and let’s live up to our potentials.

God-given potentials, abilities and dreams.

There's a Season

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I was reminded of the story of the prophet Elijah at church today. yes! you’re right the man of God of was fed by the ravens, who drank from the brook, who was chosen by God to reveal His will to the people. The man God used to display His power over the priests of baal and those who served the evil queen jezebel. He was given a Word and there comes a season in his journey with the Lord that the brook dried out and there was no water at all. It was dry, and that was a circumstance that we, in our human nature could question God about His promises, FAITH dictates that He will fulfill what he promised in His Word but the opposite of faith which is doubt begins to creep in, and allows us to focus more on the natural. That was a struggle in Elijah’s part too. But in the midst of difficulties and trials, God makes a way that answers all our petitions and lets us know that He hears our cries and He answers our prayers. We just need to cross over our own “Jordan”. It takes faith to do that.

God fulfilled what he promised to the prophet Elijah and through him God demonstrated His power and His greatness. There will be seasons in our lives, in our journey that we feel so down and out and it seems as if God’s not listening, It seems He’s so far away. But we just have to open up our eyes of faith to really see where He is leading us. My story is not yet finished, i’am a work in progress and God gave me a Promise and He will see to it that it will come to pass. We all go through different circumstances but in one way or another, God is right there and He will see you through.

God bless!!

1Kings 17

Passion and Purity (Barlow Girl)

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Im a music fan, and I’ve been listening to different CD’s and seen different artists perform live on stage over the past years, and while I was growing up, I admired alot of those people because of who they are in front of the crowd and that impact they made in people’s lives through their music and up to this present time that influence keeps on growing. You see alot of young people trying to imitate their styles and this becomes a part of who they are, and that thing defines their very own personalities too. When I first saw this video, and how these girls take a stand, and dared to be different which sets a perfect example for young people to follow, fans all over the world are looking up to them, and I admired them greatly for that. For their very own testimonies of the purposes of God for their lives and that they are totally reserved for that very special plan. they talk about dating, clothes and it all sums up to a lifestyle. I think in my very own opinion that, its really a brave thing to do, they are really speaking from their hearts confronting those issues and telling the world something about who God is in their lives, and for us not to settle for less in a world that seems so inticing. because there is so much ahead of us, we are worth more than just what the world tells us. I would agree to also make a difference in our generation and leave behind a legacy for others to look upon. (Jeremiah 29:11)

I'm Living for This Cause

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I remember way back when I was still a little girl, at church and in school I often hear bible stories being told, I was always excited and happy to hear those stories and sing the childrens song too. I was the quiet type and the shy one.As the years passed things became alot different. My likes changed, my hobbies, my personality, I grew up fast. Then, I began to think of my dreams and what I’ll become after I finish school, what kind of job would I choose and I realized I was looking at my future.I’ve been through alot, yet in my life’s journey I found God right there, and He gave my life meaning and purpose.I became his daughter, He loved me with an everlasting love, he protected me and hides me in the shadow of His wings. He keeps a close watch on His beloved. He took me out of the mud and gave me my identity back, he assured me of my future. He took all my fears away.I was stubborn, I was selfish, my life was a mess but He embraced me with His whole heart and saved me from eternal death.He offered it for free, because that’s a price I know I could never afford to pay, so Jesus settled my debt and filled me with the wonderful things of His heart.He breathed His Spirit into me, Then, my life changed.And that’s why I chose to live my life for Him, because this is why I exsist.Money can never fill that void, pleasures, no material thing could compare to that saving grace and that unconditional love. That’s why I ask "Why did YOU choose me Lord?" His answer will always be because that’s how much I love you.."for God so loved that world that He gave His one and only Son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life" (John 3:16)I could never forget that verse. It means alot to me and I believe so for the whole world, that they would know of that great love and the TRUE meaning of LIFE!

Across the Miles

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What makes him so special:
he loves God and has a passion for ministry and music
he knows how to make me laugh(I miss your jokes!)
he inspires me when I want to give up on something
he keeps telling me Im the prettiest woman in the world and that he loves me so much
he keeps telling me he misses me even if Im just a few inches away
he kinda freaks out when I talk about a break up
he trusts me with his secrets, his goals and his dreams
he eats so much chocolate and ice cream!! (our favorite)
he told me he wants to lose weight(we both agreed to do it)
we cried our hearts out together, and we prayed for each other
he is indeed very "makulit!". he bugs me when we’re in a fight and I dont want to talk
he lost his ring and I gave him mine(he used it as a pendant)
he never forgets a single monthsary/anniversay
he’s a fighter, he fights for those he loves
he’s very protective yet very sweet
(tahimik kung nagseselos!hihi)
very approachable, friendly, "playful(not so much now that he has me for a girlfriend,huhu)"
he’s a family man—I mean with his own family (he takes responsibilty being the eldest)
chooses not to argue with me when Im so mad(hihi)
sang me a song over the phone with his guitar
the never ending "goodnight" messages we pass on to each other
Lately, he asked me to marry him!!! (hmmm)
I know God has great plans for both of us and right now that we’re far apart, we need to trust HIM continually.
He knows what’s best for HIS children.

I do this often

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Music plays a vital role in my everyday life..

here are the reasons:

It eases my loneliness and pain

It refreshes my soulIt reminds me of a very important message(often!)

It’s a cure for the deafening silence!!

It separates me from the noise of the crowdIt brings back good memories(being in a band,which I really miss)

It opens the door to the "secret place"

It connects me to the heavenly realms!(a breathtaking experience!)

I’m talking about WORSHIP songs, how this can impact our daily lives, as a source of encouragement to keep us going. Music itself has the beat, the melody the rhythm, the tempo. This is created by the Master Musician even before this world came into being. Even at this point in time we can see its influence in our world and in this generation. Worship is not just the song, in fact IT’S MORE THAN THE SONGS we sing, It’s a deep personal experience that draws us closer to God and brings about a revelation of WHO HE really is and how much HE longs for each one of us to be near HIM. In this present time, the devil himself uses the music of this world to influence people’s lives, and bringing them the wrong message. I have grown to love music since my early childhood and I believe that God wants me to use it for HIS Glory, I am not ashamed to say that I am a worshipper, and the Lord has placed HIS song in my heart that took me to where I’m at right now. I owe it all to HIM and I pray that you too would experience that in your life.When you listen to something positive it creates a whole new downloaded information inside of you replacing the "old one’s", that’s for everyone, and its free! salvation is free because CHRIST paid the price, and it cost HIM his very life for you and me.Have a worship-filled life regardless of what you go through! God bless!