Anchored with Hope,

Rescued from the Raging waters...

I do this often

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Music plays a vital role in my everyday life..

here are the reasons:

It eases my loneliness and pain

It refreshes my soulIt reminds me of a very important message(often!)

It’s a cure for the deafening silence!!

It separates me from the noise of the crowdIt brings back good memories(being in a band,which I really miss)

It opens the door to the "secret place"

It connects me to the heavenly realms!(a breathtaking experience!)

I’m talking about WORSHIP songs, how this can impact our daily lives, as a source of encouragement to keep us going. Music itself has the beat, the melody the rhythm, the tempo. This is created by the Master Musician even before this world came into being. Even at this point in time we can see its influence in our world and in this generation. Worship is not just the song, in fact IT’S MORE THAN THE SONGS we sing, It’s a deep personal experience that draws us closer to God and brings about a revelation of WHO HE really is and how much HE longs for each one of us to be near HIM. In this present time, the devil himself uses the music of this world to influence people’s lives, and bringing them the wrong message. I have grown to love music since my early childhood and I believe that God wants me to use it for HIS Glory, I am not ashamed to say that I am a worshipper, and the Lord has placed HIS song in my heart that took me to where I’m at right now. I owe it all to HIM and I pray that you too would experience that in your life.When you listen to something positive it creates a whole new downloaded information inside of you replacing the "old one’s", that’s for everyone, and its free! salvation is free because CHRIST paid the price, and it cost HIM his very life for you and me.Have a worship-filled life regardless of what you go through! God bless!


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