Anchored with Hope,

Rescued from the Raging waters...

I'm Living for This Cause

Published by Bammy under on 1:57 PM

I remember way back when I was still a little girl, at church and in school I often hear bible stories being told, I was always excited and happy to hear those stories and sing the childrens song too. I was the quiet type and the shy one.As the years passed things became alot different. My likes changed, my hobbies, my personality, I grew up fast. Then, I began to think of my dreams and what I’ll become after I finish school, what kind of job would I choose and I realized I was looking at my future.I’ve been through alot, yet in my life’s journey I found God right there, and He gave my life meaning and purpose.I became his daughter, He loved me with an everlasting love, he protected me and hides me in the shadow of His wings. He keeps a close watch on His beloved. He took me out of the mud and gave me my identity back, he assured me of my future. He took all my fears away.I was stubborn, I was selfish, my life was a mess but He embraced me with His whole heart and saved me from eternal death.He offered it for free, because that’s a price I know I could never afford to pay, so Jesus settled my debt and filled me with the wonderful things of His heart.He breathed His Spirit into me, Then, my life changed.And that’s why I chose to live my life for Him, because this is why I exsist.Money can never fill that void, pleasures, no material thing could compare to that saving grace and that unconditional love. That’s why I ask "Why did YOU choose me Lord?" His answer will always be because that’s how much I love you.."for God so loved that world that He gave His one and only Son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life" (John 3:16)I could never forget that verse. It means alot to me and I believe so for the whole world, that they would know of that great love and the TRUE meaning of LIFE!


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