Anchored with Hope,

Rescued from the Raging waters...

Across the Miles

Published by Bammy under on 1:56 PM

What makes him so special:
he loves God and has a passion for ministry and music
he knows how to make me laugh(I miss your jokes!)
he inspires me when I want to give up on something
he keeps telling me Im the prettiest woman in the world and that he loves me so much
he keeps telling me he misses me even if Im just a few inches away
he kinda freaks out when I talk about a break up
he trusts me with his secrets, his goals and his dreams
he eats so much chocolate and ice cream!! (our favorite)
he told me he wants to lose weight(we both agreed to do it)
we cried our hearts out together, and we prayed for each other
he is indeed very "makulit!". he bugs me when we’re in a fight and I dont want to talk
he lost his ring and I gave him mine(he used it as a pendant)
he never forgets a single monthsary/anniversay
he’s a fighter, he fights for those he loves
he’s very protective yet very sweet
(tahimik kung nagseselos!hihi)
very approachable, friendly, "playful(not so much now that he has me for a girlfriend,huhu)"
he’s a family man—I mean with his own family (he takes responsibilty being the eldest)
chooses not to argue with me when Im so mad(hihi)
sang me a song over the phone with his guitar
the never ending "goodnight" messages we pass on to each other
Lately, he asked me to marry him!!! (hmmm)
I know God has great plans for both of us and right now that we’re far apart, we need to trust HIM continually.
He knows what’s best for HIS children.


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