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There's a Season

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I was reminded of the story of the prophet Elijah at church today. yes! you’re right the man of God of was fed by the ravens, who drank from the brook, who was chosen by God to reveal His will to the people. The man God used to display His power over the priests of baal and those who served the evil queen jezebel. He was given a Word and there comes a season in his journey with the Lord that the brook dried out and there was no water at all. It was dry, and that was a circumstance that we, in our human nature could question God about His promises, FAITH dictates that He will fulfill what he promised in His Word but the opposite of faith which is doubt begins to creep in, and allows us to focus more on the natural. That was a struggle in Elijah’s part too. But in the midst of difficulties and trials, God makes a way that answers all our petitions and lets us know that He hears our cries and He answers our prayers. We just need to cross over our own “Jordan”. It takes faith to do that.

God fulfilled what he promised to the prophet Elijah and through him God demonstrated His power and His greatness. There will be seasons in our lives, in our journey that we feel so down and out and it seems as if God’s not listening, It seems He’s so far away. But we just have to open up our eyes of faith to really see where He is leading us. My story is not yet finished, i’am a work in progress and God gave me a Promise and He will see to it that it will come to pass. We all go through different circumstances but in one way or another, God is right there and He will see you through.

God bless!!

1Kings 17


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