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Passion and Purity (Barlow Girl)

Published by Bammy under on 1:59 PM

Im a music fan, and I’ve been listening to different CD’s and seen different artists perform live on stage over the past years, and while I was growing up, I admired alot of those people because of who they are in front of the crowd and that impact they made in people’s lives through their music and up to this present time that influence keeps on growing. You see alot of young people trying to imitate their styles and this becomes a part of who they are, and that thing defines their very own personalities too. When I first saw this video, and how these girls take a stand, and dared to be different which sets a perfect example for young people to follow, fans all over the world are looking up to them, and I admired them greatly for that. For their very own testimonies of the purposes of God for their lives and that they are totally reserved for that very special plan. they talk about dating, clothes and it all sums up to a lifestyle. I think in my very own opinion that, its really a brave thing to do, they are really speaking from their hearts confronting those issues and telling the world something about who God is in their lives, and for us not to settle for less in a world that seems so inticing. because there is so much ahead of us, we are worth more than just what the world tells us. I would agree to also make a difference in our generation and leave behind a legacy for others to look upon. (Jeremiah 29:11)


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