Anchored with Hope,

Rescued from the Raging waters...

I Woke Up "Changed"

Published by Bammy under on 2:01 PM

One day.. I opened my eyes and to my surprise I was seeing things like i was a newborn baby who just opened her eyes to the world for the first time.

Things were so different, so new.. It took some time for me to get used to this new life. All the hatred of the past was gone, without any memory of the dark and hurtful moments that happened in my life.

It was wonderful.. that’s just how I describe my journey in living a changed life, God gave me a second chance(though I know its more than just a second chance) He made me start my life fresh, to make things right.

We’ll never know when this life will end. I know this will be a short exsistence, that’s why we should live everyday as if its our last day here on earth, let’s make every second count and let’s live up to our potentials.

God-given potentials, abilities and dreams.


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