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Apple Pie and Tears for Breakfast

Published by Bammy under on 2:02 PM

Trials and the challenges of life, as the bible says is like gold going thru the fire to be refined, to be made stronger, and to remove its flaws and reveal its brilliance.

Just this mOrning, when i got out of bed, I was reflecting on what I’ve been through and what Im going through in life. It brought tears in my eyes, realizing that all those events and circumstances weren’t easy.

Those things could even create hatred,bitterness,anger, and grief in my heart. but the Lord’s grace and his faithfulness shine like the stars in the darkest night. That’s all i can see as I look back on the things that took place in my life.

There are still times that my wounds, deep enough that I can still feel the scars and the memory of the pain that goes with it. There are new wounds too, still trying to heal, I know its a process. And I trust HIM,my Healer.

Whenever I think back and i see the scars and remember the pain, and whenever the fear of facing another battle creeps in again, HE reminded me that I’am like a precious jewel, like gold refined by fire revealing its brilliance and removing the flaws, and HE also reminded me of His scars and how HE survived all the insults and all those who mocked HIM, and those who beat Him up causing so much trauma and bleeding to HIS physical body. I could not help but cry and as the tears flowed, they are slowly being replaced by the peace and the very comfort of God’s Love and His presence.

Above all else, as I go through the daily battles of life.. And when my burdens seem too much to bear, HE reminded me of how HE endured and how HE carried HIS cross for my sake and for the world’s salvation. The living Truth and all those examples are for His disciples to ponder upon and to follow. We are given a task and we have a call while we are still on this earth, in preparation for His second comming.

Now, I realized that,I had a very good breakfast today, Apple pie with tears. Good enough. I was satisfied physically, emotionally,mentally and strengthened spiritually ready to face another battle, for I know that my God is far greater and He is always on my side

*for its not by our might,nor by our power but by His Spirit


JelO said... @ October 4, 2008 at 4:29 AM

I agree... I love that verse in the end from the book of Zechariah... it is definitely not what we can do to overcome those but what He can and He will...

Bammy said... @ October 4, 2008 at 7:57 AM

thanks for the comment :)
that's one of my favorite verses too. The Lord has always offered me hope in the darkest moments of my life. God bless!!

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