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Mirrored in Perfection

Published by Bammy under on 8:40 AM

When I look at the mirror, what I usually see is my reflection.
that's what we normally see.
But when we look at it closely and deeply, we begin to notice things that bothers us regarding our image, we see the flaws, we go back again and try our very best to fix it and make it look better. But sometimes its just being masked and covered up giving it a temporary fix.

Human as we are, we are subject to the flaws of our very own nature.
Therefore, we are imperfect. But yes, from the begining of time our Creator God with all care and love formed us into His very own image and likeness.
He took delight in His creation of man.(that was on the book of Genesis).
Man was perfect, but that was before the tragedy in the Garden of Eden that ended that perfection and destroyed the beauty of such a flawless creation.
A masterpiece was shattered like a broken glass.And the heart of the Maker was broken.Sin has ruined his beautiful work of art, His beloved.

But you see,HE is so loving that He sent His one and only Son to RESTORE that beauty
of a fallen nature. But it cost HIM His life for that redemption.
He called us His Bride, that we are to be without spot or wrinkle(Rev.22)

Now, when He looks at us He doesnt see sin anymore but the beauty of JEsus,
that when we look at the Mirror of our lives its not ourselves that we see but the One who gave us back our true Identity.
Do not let the world define who you are, Let the ONe who Created you, who knew you even before you were formed in your mother's womb.
He has set you apart for a very special purpose far beyond you can think of.


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