Anchored with Hope,

Rescued from the Raging waters...

"touch of an angel"

Published by Bammy under on 9:20 AM

It has been 3months now since a Loving and a caring man went to be with the Lord in a place where there are streets of gold and joyous singing, a place of happiness and a place where there is no sickness,no sorrow, no suffering.

I came here on the month of June and was confronted with such trauma and sadness to see my granfather confined to the ICU. It seems that his condition becomes unbearable as the days go by. I looked at him and remembered the last words he uttered. He wanted to take me around the place and show me the beautiful sceneries, but since he was stuck on his hospital bed,he couldnt do that,and in my mind I thought “dnt worry dad,you’ll get better soon” (with a spark of hope in my spirit).

I have heard how much he loved the Lord and how that changed his life. I was relieved and comforted knowing that took place earlier and he was enjoying this life changing journey. The Lord has been so faithful indeed.

We had dreams of him getting ready to leave in a beautiful outfit, and a smile on his face, shining upon his countenance. It was exceeding joy, mirrored in the way he looked.

Today, I was fast asleep and was suddenly awakened by a gentle touch, and so much comfort and peace inside of me, as if someone was right beside me. It was calm and serene in the room, I realized,… its just me.

But in the most difficult and trying times that my family has been through God has been sending angels, to remind us and comfort us of the grief we have to bear. he reminds us that He is there and that HE has taken His beloved home to be with HIM for all eternity. He has given us the privilege to still see my grandpa in our dreams and at times wonderful memories of him refreshed in our thoughts.

we may have to go through certain difficulties in life, but remember that we have a God who cares. And I was glad to be touched by an angel today, a reminder that Im never alone.


penlighted said... @ October 5, 2008 at 4:33 PM

God bless you bam..stay strong..God is with you..

hugs hugs hugs..

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