Anchored with Hope,

Rescued from the Raging waters...

"awakening of the sleeping warrior"

Published by Bammy under on 2:31 PM

tOday, I wasn't expecting a MESSAGE that was thrown directly at me..
sounds extreme?? not really, God is just full of GREAT surprises that will rock your world! you just couldn't expect less.

The Lord spoke to me again about the Life of Job and his sufferings and how I see it in a very personal view, that this life is often full of suffering and hardships.
Never ending pain and grief. Trouble and tragedy.
But, it dawned on me as the preacher spoke that we may never exceed what Job had to suffer. It rekindled a message of hope in my spirit.

Even if life is too tough and trials seems endless to me, Job has been an inspiration. I will go on worshipping and thanking the Lord more even if I have to go through the storm.
We may never understand, if we don't allow God to speak to us in HIS own unique way.
If we complain all the time that it's just too hard and we drift away, not letting God reveal to us the purpose of what we're going through.
We are not able to gain that much wisdom and our maturity will not reach the level that God desires for us to be in.
We need to find that quiet place inside of us that will bridge a divine connection between us and our God.
That is based on the foundation of Christ,which established our RELATIONSHIP with HIM.

The thing is that God gave me an affirmation that, the reason for my troubles is to awaken a sleeping warrior inside of me, that through worship and prayer I can stand strong against life's battles.
In hardship I develop strength and the will to endure by the grace available to me through my relationship with Christ.
HIS Word is full of promises that will reach its fulfillment. It will come to pass.
I see that Iam more of an overcommer than a loser.
Jesus won that victory for me on Calvary and nothing can ever change that.
Nothing can change my status and nothing can take away my identity.
That's who God called me to be and that is who Iam.

But still I know that tougher times are comming, more testings and trials will still be there, I will still have to go through the storm, I will still have to pass through the valley of the shadow of death but I will fear no evil because HE is with me, and HE will see me through(Ps.23).

God bless everyone, be refreshed, be encouraged. :)
Glory to HIM!


Anders W. Ellingsen said... @ December 4, 2008 at 3:13 AM

Stay strong in your faith and believe in the purpose of God with you. Indeed we become warriors defending our faith and striving for acknowledgment and understanding, and life is not easy to the one insisting upon his integrity. Dear to be different! It is difficult being young and being Christian today but fear God, not the unpopularity among men. Stay strong in your faith woman, and know we are others in other parts of the world who on a daily basis face challenges and sometimes persecution as Christians. Be proud of being called: You are a very special woman.

Bammy said... @ December 4, 2008 at 10:53 AM

Thank you :)
the Word of God, His promises keeps me strong and gets me going.
God bless!

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